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Toyoda Products has developed an advanced manufacturing system that is both efficient and practical with the aim of integrating manufacturing information. In order to be more flexible to respond to smaller production lots of a wider array of products, Toyoda has aggressively worked towards the development of advanced manufacturing systems, introducing robots and NC (Numerically Controlled) machine tools into its manufacturing processes and LAN networks into its offices and facilities. As a result, Toyoda Products has, over the past 20 years, been one of the few small-medium sized organizations in the prefecture to have been recognized as a Model Factory and has received numerous awards from the Small and Medium Size Enterprise Agency.
In line with the construction of our new Toyoda factory facilities, we have also developed a highly-advanced and unique computer system, "TOPICS" (Toyoda Office Products Information Control System). This is a unique manufacturing control system that will bring the Toyoda factory and first factory together online in order to achieve the integration of manufacturing control information with the aim of creating a flow and an organic integration from the time of order right up until shipment. This system has allowed easy access to the latest information required on the factory floor and enabled us to establish a structure whereby we can take action without delay and rationalize our manufacturing processes. Toyoda Products has now taken up the challenge of devoting itself to advancement, revolutionizing its facilities with the simultaneous introduction of the latest equipment including 3-dimensional lasers.

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