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Toyoda Products is focusing its energy towards the development of a safe and comfortable working environment. Through the pursuit of working environments based on our motto of メRespect for Human Lifeモ and an ergonomic-based workspace design incorporating lighting, sound and coloring, we have been able to achieve ideal working environments in our offices and factories.
We have added a gym and shower rooms for employees to refresh themselves and have installed a 120 inch and super woofer system for visual and audio, video-based training for new employees and middle management with realistic acoustic effects.
We are also taking proactive measures to increase employee communication and provide an enriched lifestyle through the introduction of year-round events including evening parties, Christmas parties, softball and bowling events, hiking and scuba diving tours and a full range of other activities such as golf, tennis, skiing and touring activities.
Toyoda Products was quick to introduce the THP (Total Health Program) advocated by the Ministry for Health, Labour and Welfare and is focusing its efforts on the nurturing of trainers and health management. Whether at work or not, we hold strong to the idea of people orientation, having established a training center in Hawaii and allowing employees easy access to villas and sports facilities throughout Japan during their free time through a resort club membership system.