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Since its establishment, Toyoda Products has upheld the philosophy of maintaining its stance as a development-oriented manufacturer. Our unique development concepts backed by unsurpassed technologies as typified by "TOPICS", enable high levels of creativity. Through the provision of OEM to leading Japanese office equipment firms and the creation of development-oriented products, we are proactively bringing to market commodities that satisfy ever-changing office needs and the needs of the consumer and are continuing to further expand on these fields.

Toyoda Products is unrelenting in its development of a broad range of practical products and continues to produce innovative products fully utilizing Toyodaユs manufacturing capabilities. And today, in addition to a full range of office furniture and equipment that help to create comfortable office environments, Toyoda Products is also bringing to market a full range of universal design concepts covering a wide range of fields including an array of sports and leisure products, a line up of security and other products for senior citizens and a range of recyclable environmental products and ecology goods. This line up of original products has also been recognized having received a number of awards including the Good Design award from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

Since its establishment, Toyoda Products has held strong to the development concept of "Something New & Different". In order to achieve this we have refined our design concepts giving way to total office and living environments from an ergonomic and environmental perspective for designs that are more user and environmentally friendly. Through the full use of our system development capabilities including "TOPICS", a unique information management system that consolidates the management of development and manufacturing processes, and unsurpassed manufacturing technologies made possible through the latest equipment, Toyoda is responding to diverse customer needs.

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