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Toyoda Products has a track record spanning over half a Century, and in that time as a manufacturer of a full range of office equipment, has amassed a world of innovation, development capabilities and manufacturing technologies. We have continued to bring to market practical office equipment, furniture and innovative products and under the basic philosophy of Respect for Human Life, have continued to strive towards an organization with a purpose. The establishment of our headquarters and factory complete with a well-appointed and comfortable working environment in Kiryu, surrounded by a beautiful natural environment comparable to that of Azumino at the foot of the Northern Alps, was just one step towards the achievement of this policy. Beginning with the acquisition of the international quality management standard ISO9001 and international environmental standard ISO14001 and a variety of Good Design awards, the bright and illustrious history of Toyoda Products has continued to expand to go beyond the boundaries of office equipment and furniture to step into the 21st Century with a continued commitment to innovation.