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Amidst an environment undergoing massive changes, diversification and increasing individuality in the way we think, our values and lifestyles, the role of corporations in the community is also undergoing massive change. In addition to maintaining profits, there is also strong demand for corporate contribution, and working in harmony with the environment and surrounding communities. Our idea of the symbol of a dolphin swimming alongside its young, our acquisition of ISO environmental standards and our concerted efforts in the manufacturing of commodities that will not have a diverse effect on the global environment are in response to such demands from society and represent the approaches Toyoda Products is making in the development of practical working environments and commodities with true value that are also environmentally friendly. It is our wish to use this philosophy of working with the environment as a base to fully exercise our all-encompassing management capacity in areas including design, development capabilities, manufacturing technologies and information systems to conform to those values demanded by society today. As one, Toyoda Products is committed to bringing the life back into our working environments. We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

President Masao Yamaguchi